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How much does a Leonberger shed?
Leonbergers shed moderately year-round, but really blow their coats twice a year for about a three-week period, during which they lose all of their undercoat.  Regular grooming is essential to ensure a mat-free coat.


What is their life span?
Leos tend to live between 7 - 10 years, with some living up to 12 years.  The main two causes of death in Leonbergers are osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and hemangiosarcoma, similar to other large breeds.


What are common health problems?
While Leonbergers are a generally healthy breed, some dogs may have hypothyroidism, cardiac issues,  Inherited Leonberger Polyneuropathy, hip dysplasia,  or other health concerns as detailed on the Leonberger Health Foundation website. 

How difficult is it to get a Leonberger?
Leonberger Club of America member breeders are a close-knit community and most will screen newcomers to the breed carefully, preferring to meet new owners in person to establish a strong relationship with them.  Be prepared to be asked lots of questions, as Leo breeders are very protective of the breed and where their precious puppies end up.

How much do they eat?
Leos can eat anywhere from 4-8 cups of dry food per day, depending upon age and activity.  We recommend feeding a super-premium quality of food, free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, or a carefully-planned raw diet.

How are they with children?
Leos have a strong affinity for children, but still need to be supervised with them while in the exuberant puppy stages to ensure that young kids don't accidentally get knocked over.

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