We first discovered Leonbergers in 1995 and have been active members of the Leonberger Club of America (LCA) ever since. Since that time, we have had the privilege of making Leonberger friends all around the world, and have attended almost all of our annual Leonberger Club of America national specialties.  


Over the past years, I have served as the President of the Frontier Leonberger Club, an Associate Member of the LCA Breeding Committee, a Regional Representative for Leonberger Rescue, assisted with several of our LCA National Specialties, worked with the LCA Health Committee, and chaired the LCA Web Committee.


I am also an approved LCA Breeding Acceptability Check List (BACL) examiner, and enjoy mentoring individuals new to the breed in the areas of conformation and breed structure.  I am a breed presenter for the LCA Judges Committee and work with other club members to educate interested AKC judges about our breed standard.  

We breed on occasion in order to ensure adequate socialization and individual attention for each puppy. Breeding Leonbergers is strictly a hobby for us, done with the sole intention of producing healthy, good-tempered, structurally correct Leonbergers who will hopefully go on to provide their new owners with as much love and companionship as our dogs have given us.

Our kennel name is based on our years spent in Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa).